Welcome to the random stuff page. Here is the place where I share with you guys some things that I find interesting or I simply like.

First of all, I'd like to tell you about a friend's blog. Tudor Rosu writes incredible poems and stories. However, the intro of every post is in Romanian and I don't expect you to understand much (except maybe if you are...you know..from Romania), but most of the poems are written in English. He is very active and keeps the posts coming.

Here is the blog's address: http://tudor-libertateadeascrie.blogspot.ro/

I really suggest you look trough his art, for it is awesome...'nuff said.
He also got a DA accont..but unfortunately, I've lost mine and I can't remember his account's name.
So yeah..that's it for now. Thank you!

Epic radio station: http://alternateusa.com/html/player.html

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